Whew! Let's see... where do I want to start? The easiest thing is to start from the beginning.

December 26, 2019 at 4:59pm, I received a call from my doctor, informing me that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I sat at my desk, in my office, void of emotions, alone and mildly confused. The conversation steadily became one-sided, as those moments moved in slow motion. My mind wouldn't catch up to the events occurring and my body embraced silence and numbness. I was lost!

As the conversation concluded, I remained affixed to my chair, silently screaming for someone to pull me out of this reality. But, I was alone. The 25,000+ square foot building provided a temporary shelter for my incarcerated emotions. "How could this happen?" was the only thing I could muster to whisper.

I packed my things and began the long, lonely, stroll to my vehicle. Each hallway seemed to extend further than before. What would normally take 6 minutes, took 12 minutes; maybe my feet fought my body and time, in that moment, and I was too emotionally smothered to realize it.

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