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Learn in one day, from a Breast Cancer survivor, the strategies, tools, and resources to help you fight your Breast Cancer journey!

Being diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the age of 35, Breast cancer warrior Marquita Goodluck knew that she needed not only traditional medicine, but a strong will to fight and survive to see her through her Breast Cancer journey. Determined to gain control of her life, she created a plan to beat Breast Cancer traditionally, holistically, and mentally.


In her book, CRY, LEARN, ADJUST, FIGHT AND REPEAT, Marquita walks you through the many strategies she utilized to combat the common fears, challenges, and obstacles that many Breast Cancer patients face.

Understanding the need for newly diagnosed Breast Cancer patients to gain access to valuable information in an urgent way, Marquita chronicles her journey in a precise, informative, Providing readers with ample pertinent information in a condensed and informative format. CRY, LEARN, ADJUST, FIGHT, AND REPEAT is a straight-forward guide that provides remedies and solutions to real-life situations, fears, and obstacles. The perfect book to kickstart your Breast Cancer journey!

BlackBox Productions (Memphis) presents...

Pink HOPE and the HOPE Leaders

Worried about his mom being sick with breast cancer, Devin struggles with understanding what breast cancer is. Is it contagious? Can he get sick too? After discussing his concerns with Sammie, they are invited to take an adventure of a lifetime to The HOPE Factory, with their new, favorite superhero, Pink HOPE! 

Flying surfboards, magical portals, and so much more! This is the perfect story to explain breast cancer to kids and encourage them to be their mom's/dad's HOPE Leader.

BK's Mommy Has Breast Cancer was written to help a 7 year old boy understand and deal with his mother's Breast Cancer diagnosis. With great understanding and planning, he learns that there are many small ways he can help his mother while she is on her Breast Cancer Journey. He realizes that he can be a friend, entertainer, work out buddy, and caregiver. Author, Marquita Goodluck, a Breast Cancer warrior, wrote this book to help parents and children deal with the difficult and scary journey of Breast Cancer. Written entirely in the image of her family with factual events, BK's Mommy Has Breast Cancer Is the perfect positive, authentic, and upbeat book to help any family facing Cancer. With it's rhyming text and positive illustrations, BK's Mommy Has Breast Cancer is the perfect book to encourage children to be hopeful and helpful as their loved one fights one of the hardest battles of their life

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